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OBJECTIVE OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY offers Christian orientated programs to the public. Services are provided by way of on demand streaming enabling users to stream or temporarily download television shows, movies, programs, video or audio clips and other audio-visual material using electronic devices capable of connecting to the internet (such as personal computers, tablets, mobile phones, smart TV’s, gaming consoles and other devices)

You may be required to share certain personal information with when creating an account, requesting a catalogue, subscribing for our services, placing an order for a program or otherwise transacting with

We appreciate that customers are concerned about their personal privacy and we are committed to respect and protect your personal privacy concerns and rights.

By agreeing to this privacy policy you consent and agree that we may collect, receive, record, organise, collate, store, update, change retrieve, read process, use and share your personal information in accordance with this policy (individually and collectively constituting processing of information). Should you not agree with this privacy policy please do not continue use of any platforms.

This policy relates to how we collect, use, process and store your personal information when you access services, websites, platforms, applications and products. The objective of this privacy policy is to ensure that processing of your personal information will be lawful, reasonable and relevant to our business activities.



This policy only applies to services, our website and platform and not to any third party sites and technology you may use to access our products and services.


Information provided by you : We collect information about you as person  as provided by you to us when you submit your personal information to us in any format, when you send e-mail communications to us, when you provide your bank/payment details to us, when you interact with our customer service, participate in surveys and promotions or choose to provide reviews, ratings, taste preferences and account settings. Such information may include your name, surname, age, date of birth, physical address, postal address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, social media account detail, profile pictures, payment methods, bank account detail, debit card/credit card details, loyalty points, vouchers, e-bucks/wallet.

Information automatically collected by us:  We use technology to collect and maintain information about you and your use of services, your computer and/or other device used to access platforms when you brows any platforms, when you register or subscribe to use services on our website, when you download the application on your access device, when you stream, access or use services on the website.

We may collect information about your devices e.g. the nature of the access device used to access the platform, the unique device identifier and IP address used, hardware/device type,  model and settings/configuration , operating system type and version, browser type and version, browser language, system activity, referring sources/URL’s, exit pages navigated to when exiting the platform and the physical location from which the platform is accessed, established by means of technology such as GPS or IP location.


We may also collect log-in information such as your activity and interaction with the platform (dates, times and duration of site access and site use), the history of your search enquiries and page views and program selection and download,  your interaction with our messaging systems (e-mail, sms and otherwise) and our Customer Service (such as date, time, reason for contacting us, recording and transcripts of conversations and chats and you phone number).

Technology such as cookies, identifiers, web beacons, browser storage and plugins may be used to collect information and recognise you when you access and exit platforms to distinguish you from other users, to build a profile of your use and contribute to a personalised and efficient service.

Information obtained from third parties:  We also collect personal information from our affiliates and third party service providers which are used to supplement your user profile on our platforms. These include service providers providing us with updates on your IP address, payment service providers providing us with updates on your payment method information,   selected partners who make our services available on their device or with whom we offer co-branded service/joint marketing activities, online and offline data providers of demographic advertising related data and  publicly available sources such as government data bases.

Information obtained from social networking sites:   We may allow you to log onto the platforms by using social media account authentication. We may access and collect personal information from your social media account when and while you log on to your social media account from  any platform using your user name and password. We only receive information from social media accounts and do not give them access to your personal information.

We will only process personal information available on your social media account to the extent that you have decided to share the information publicly ( in line with your privacy setting on the relevant social media account), and other information obtainable from the social media account only if and to the extent that you may give permission to do so.

Compulsory and optional personal information:  Compulsory information  required for  access to platform and services:

Your full name and surname,

identity number/document and date of birth,

your e-mail address,

your physical address,

your postal address,

your home, work and mobile telephone numbers,

payment method,

debit/credit card information.

In certain countries we may be required to collect additional information such as a government identification number in order to comply with billing/tax or other legislation or regulations.

If you are not prepared to share the compulsory information with us, you will not be able to enjoy all the features and functionality of platforms offered to registered users/subscribers.

All other information that may be requested will be optional, but may be relevant if you wish to exploit the full potential and benefit of the services. If you are not prepared to share the optional information with us, you may not be able to enjoy all the features and full functionality of platforms.


We collect personal information for various purposes.

  • Personal information is collected to comply with legal requirements such as FICA legislation and is used to protect us, our services and our users.
  • Certain compulsory information is required for registration and account set-up as subscriber/user to enjoy access to platforms, to process your orders and payment for our services.
  • Personal information is used to authenticate your identity when accessing and to ensure safe and authorised use of our services, to detect, investigate and prevent misuse, fraud and prohibited/illegal activities;
  • Personal information is collected to maintain and update our customer data base and to secure accurate, complete and up to date data.
  • Personal information is used to provide customer support technical and other user enquiries;
  • Personal information is collected to enable us to communicate news and promotional announcements,
  • Personal information is used to conduct consumer surveys and research;
  • Personal information is used to enable us to analyze and understand our audience, to determine your geographic location so as to enable us to maintain and develop our platform  and personalise and localise our services to you and ultimately secure a constantly improving consumer experience of out services;
  • Personal information is used to compile , use, disclose and trade with non-personal statistical information about users and their access and use of platform, browsing habbits, click- patterns, preferences and demographics which we or our advertisers may use to develop, provide and improve the platform, our products and services, including advertising to user groups. Information anticipated in this paragraph will be de-identified and will not be traceable back to you. Your identifiable information will not be disclosed without your permission.
  • Personal information is generally used for other lawful activities relevant to and reasonably necessary for the conduct of our business and provision of platform services


Protecting the privacy of children is especially very important. We will not knowingly collect or maintain any information from persons under the legal age of majority without permission to do so.

You must be 18 years or older to legally subscribe to services. In jurisdictions where the majority age is above 18, that age requirement must be satisfied in order to legally subscribe for services.

Any person under the legal age of majority in a particular jurisdiction may only access and utilise,com services with the involvement, supervision and approval of a parent or  legal guardian.


We will not intentionally disclose your personal information other than for purposes and in accordance with this policy or with you permission.

In the conduct of our business we  will share your personal information:

  • to the extent required to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process, court order or legal governmental request
  • to enforce compliance with our terms of use
  • to detect, investigate, prevent and otherwise address suspected illegal activities, security/technical issues and contravention of this policy
  • to protect and defend the rights, property and safety of, our users/subscribers, our employees, service providers, suppliers, agents, any other third party and the interests of the general public as required or permitted by law.

We engage other companies, agents, other service providers, suppliers and our employees to render, personalise and optimise our services (eg. website hosting, site and product maintenance and development,  administration, technical and IT support, processing and collecting payments, marketing and advertising, analyzing and enhancing data, conducting consumer surveys and other support services.)  These third parties may have access to your personal information if and to the extent necessary to process the information and/or for us to provide services to you. They will not be allowed to use or disclose your personal information other than for providing of their services.

From time to time we may engage in joint promotions with third parties. We may be required to share your personal information with such third parties to facilitate your participation in and exploitation of the promotions. We wish to point out that these third parties are responsible for their own privacy policies and practices.

Information compiled and profiled for statistical purposes will be freely traded in such a manner that the profiles and data cannot be traced back or linked to a specific user or subscriber.

In the event of a business transfer whereby a third party will acquire ownership or control of  our assets, management, shares, platforms or creates an affiliation between ourselves and such third party , whether by virtue of reorganisation, restructuring, merger, acquisition, sale or otherwise, your personal information will be shared and/or transferred as part of the business arrangement on condition that the receiving party agrees to uphold your privacy rights in a manner consistent with this privacy policy

Confidentiality, non-disclosure and/or penalty provisions in our contractual relationships with these thirds parties will serve as deterrents against infringement of your privacy rights contrary to the scope of this policy.


Your own publications:  Please be aware that whenever you use services and elects to post reviews publicly, third parties will have access to the information you disclose yourself.

Third party sites and technology:  This policy applies to the website, platform, service, product and applications provided by and its successors in title to users who access platforms. You may be able to access services through third party platforms such as  gaming system, Smart TV’s, mobile devices, set top boxes and other interconnected devices and technologies. is not responsible and has no control over the privacy practices of any third party site to which there may be a link on platforms through which you may navigate to or to which you may log in from platforms. Please acquaint yourself with the content of such sites and adjust your privacy settings according to your preferences.  If you decide to share personal information from platforms (eg. by e-mail, text or other social media) using any device and social technology or applications thereon, please be aware that the social applications  are operated by independent social media networks and that sharing of information via such networks will be subject to and governed by the terms of use and privacy policy of the relevant social media operator.

Third party access: If you share or otherwise allow other people to have access to your subscription account they may be able to see some of your personal information  such as watch history, ratings, reviews and account information. Insofar as profiles are created in your account, people with access to your account may be able to navigate to, use, edit or delete profiles. You should provide people with access to your account with instructions and guidance in this regard.

You can remove your account from your devices by signing out on our website or by deleting the settings for our platforms on your device (steps vary by device and the option may not be available on all devices). It is recommended that, when you dispose of a device set up for, that  you maintain security of your password and device, that you log out and deactivate the device to ensure that others who subsequently use the device may not access your account  and personal information. Users of Public and shared devices is advised to log off after each visit.


Your personal information is stored on our servers or secure clouds.  We reserve the right to transfer to and store your personal information on servers in a jurisdiction other than where is was collected. Where your personal information is required to be transferred across borders to other countries, we will do so in accordance with this privacy policy, will take into account any more stringent provisions of privacy protection laws applicable in such other jurisdictions and will take reasonably adequate steps to ensure that your personal information is protected in the other country.

Your personal information will be retained by us to the extent and for so long as you continue to access any of our platforms and do not request us  to destroy retained information;  and thereafter for so long as

  • We are required by law or code of conduct to do so
  • We are bound by contract to do so
  • We reasonably need it for any lawful purposes related to our business activities
  • We reasonably need it for evidentiary purposes

We reserve the right to delete, destroy or de-identify personal information that may become obsolete in our discretion for any reason including by virtue you stopping to access our platforms and your account or activity profile becoming and remaining dormant for a prolonged period of time.


It is in our mutual interest that your personal information is complete, accurate and up to date. It is also required by law that we update your personal information on our data bases from time to time. You are kindly requested to regularly verify the accuracy of your personal information and advise us of any changes or discrepancies by either contacting our contact desk and/or by amending your personal profile online on our website to the extent allowed for in the functionality of our web design.  We reserve the right to verify the accuracy of your personal information and to restrict the processing of contested or suspect information for a reasonable period while we verify the accuracy.


When you access platforms and register as user/subscriber you will receive marketing communications from us. You may opt out of receiving direct marketing communications from us at any time by notifying us accordingly. Some devices or applications you use may allow you to refuse to accept or block approach of direct marketing communications. To opt out of receiving push notification messages on your mobile device use your mobile device settings to turn off the functionality. When you avail yourself of these options you do so at your volition and your sole risk of loss of essential communications relevant to your access or use of the platforms and services.

Cookies, identifiers, web beacons, browser storage, plugins and similar technology may be used to automatically collect information about you and your use of our services. These technologies are similar in nature, often operate on interactive basis and have a variety of purposes. Amongst others it is used to recognise and authenticate you when you access the platform. Cookies have performance and functionality functions to enhance your experience of our services. (Cookies are small data files which are transferred to your access device when you visit the platform though your browser. It is stored in your web browser and will recognise you when you revisit the platform again. It stores a variety of information and user preferences. Advertising identifiers are similar to cookies and are found in many mobile devices, tablets and streaming media devices). Data compiled of your viewing habits, program selection and preferences are aimed at making recommendations and providing interest-based advertising on available programs when you log in. You may disable cookies and other similar technologies by configuring your browser to refuse same or by following the prompts on the help function, but by doing so you may not be able to enjoy all the features and full functionality of platforms and services


We take administrative, physical, technical and managerial precautions and we use accepted technology reasonably appropriate for managing the risks of processing your information to ensure the integrity of personal information and to safeguard information against loss, theft, alteration and unauthorised access, use and disclosure thereof. While we make the integrity of your personal information a priority, we cannot guarantee that your personal information will be100% secure.


Kindly note that reserves the right to change and update  this policy from time to time to accommodate changing legal regulatory and operational requirements.  Notice of change or update and when it will take effect will be given in accordance with prevailing law. Further use and access of services after notification of such changes will constitute your acceptance of the amended terms of the policy. If you do not acknowledge or accept amendments to the policy you must cancel your use of services.


For enquiries about this privacy policy, our use of your personal information and any technology employed for protection of your privacy, please contact our Data Protection Officer at  When you contact us we may however need to authenticate your identity for your safety and ours before fulfilling your request.